We know you have a choice when selecting healthcare providers and we’ve worked hard to distinguish our practice in many ways. Here are some of the ways in which we’ve built our practice to uniquely provide you the best possible treatment and service.

Accommodating Scheduling

Not all oral and facial treatments are planned well in advance. Many arise from unexpected health issues and require urgent treatment. In both cases, planned and unplanned, you want to be able to schedule a consultation and receive treatment as soon as possible, on your schedule. At Hampton Oral & Facial Surgery, we’ve built our schedule in such a way that we can see you as soon as you want to be seen, within the week and even the next day in some cases. Don’t accept the runaround and two-week waits for appointments.

Focused Experience in Oral Surgery

With special training in advanced surgical techniques, and more than 15 years in private practice in addition to serving in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Trotter has developed a focused expertise that goes above and beyond that of a traditional dentist. Oral and facial surgery isn’t just one of the services he provides – it’s the service. Whether performing dental implant surgery or wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Trotter is engaging in these procedures several times a week, not just every once in a while.

Comprehensive & Cutting-Edge Treatment

With in-office 3D CT (CAT) Scans and the ability to administer full anesthesia, we have ready access to robust, state-of-the-art tools and equipment. This added convenience means patients can cut down on the number of medical appointments they need to effectively complete treatment.

Full Range of Insurance Providers

We participate in network with a large number of insurance companies. Additionally, our staff is happy to assist you in claims with other providers.